API Support Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


TeamSupport is a web based Customer Service & Help Desk application that is all about helping your business provide exceptional customer support through better collaboration and teamwork. Most help desk systems are best suited for one-on-one communications with your customers and do not focus on the big picture. TeamSupport is different, bringing visibility to everyone on your team and enabling full collaboration to solve the underlying issues. We strongly believe the best customer support experience is rooted in team collaboration. With your staff working as a team, they can easily draw on each other’s experience to get the best solution.

Aircall (Slackbot)

Aircall lets you instantly get the phone numbers you need anywhere in the world and distribute calls easily over your teams, wherever they are. Each teammate can make, receive and follow-up on calls using the Aircall app of his/her choice (for Mac, PC, mobile - no hard phone required!) Aircall automatically connects all your account information to Slack: new calls, availability of your users, state of your numbers...

Guru (Slackbot)

Guru’s knowledge sharing solution ensures your team always has access to expert-verified answers wherever they work, including Slack.  No more answering repetitive questions or searching through a sea of Slack conversations to find the right answer, simply save your team knowledge in Guru and use it without leaving Slack. When you are outside of Slack, our browser extension ensures everything is 1 click away.  Guru can also be tied to apps like Salesforce, Desk.com or Zendesk so the right knowledge gets contextually suggested to team members without having to search for it or shoulder tap an expert. Common Uses for Guru: - Sales & Customer Success Enablement - provide your team with accurate playbook information; including messaging & positioning, case studies, objection handling, competitive intel, product faq’s, etc.- Support Knowledge Base - provide accurate product FAQ’s, Troubleshooting Guides, & How To’s right at your support agent’s fingertips.- Company Wiki

Supported Source

Supported Source let's you know who's using your software projects. If you have an open source project, and would like to understand who your users are, you should use Supported Source.

Xprt (Slackbot)

Xprt provides instant tech support support for your team from within Slack. Our experts have years of experience and can quickly address all your questions. Describe your problem to our bot by typing: @xprt start chat, and one of our experts will help you solve it in a matter of minutes.


Desk.com is a help desk solution focused on today's changing support environment.  An environment where customers are not only talking to you, but also about you. Utilizing Desk.com's real-time agent interface allows you to handle both traditional 1-to-1 communications as well as monitor and respond to social media. Every customer communication is actionable and reportable, allowing you to easily manage your support needs.


UserVoice creates simple customer engagement tools that help companies understand and interact with their customers more positively and build customer relationships that last. UserVoice Feedback - a hosted tool for gathering and prioritizing product ideas directly from a company’s customers. UserVoice Helpdesk - a simple-to-use ticketing system that helps companies solve more customer issues in less time. UserVoice Full Service - a complete customer service solution that bundles Feedback and Helpdesk into a single, easy-to-manage environment.

Clubble.io (Slackbot)

Clubble.io bridges the gap between your Slack team and your email-reliant clients or partners. This integration allows you to receive emails & attachments in your channels and—most importantly—to reply directly from Slack. Two different tools, one same conversation. Example uses include: Send emails to your lawyer directly from your #legal channel. Start a hybrid Slack + email group with your Gmail-addict clients and exchange files in and out of Slack. Create a #mom-loves-gif channel and bring the awesomeness of Slack + Giphy to your mom's inbox. Chat-paced conversations are adapted for email users so that they don't feel spammed. Please note that if you just need to receive emails, not reply, Slack’s official email integration is here for you.

Front (Slackbot)

Front aggregates all your channels (email, Twitter, Facebook, phone, etc.) in one place, so you can work on each task as a team. This Slack integration lets you: - send messages from Front to a Slack #channel or @user - automatically send notifications to Slack based on rules you define (“if message contains ‘billing’ notify @jeff”)

Screenleap (Slackbot)

Screenleap allows you to share your screen instantly with other members of your team. This integration is only available when using Slack in Chrome. To start a screen share, enter /leap in any channel. You will be given a link which you can post to your team members. They will be able to see your screen by simply clicking on the link. Chrome is currently required to share your screen, but viewing can be done from any device with a browser. The integration is also not currently compatible with the Screenleap for Mac and Screenleap for Windows apps.

CheckMarket (Slackbot)

CheckMarket is a cloud-based survey software solution with over 10,000 users in 150 countries. Conduct beautiful surveys and polls and act on the results! Unlimited support and users, built-in text analysis, Notifications, API, mobile friendly, professional services, integrations, multilingual support, Net Promoter Score (NPS) reporting and follow-up. This integration will allow you to:   1. Post a survey or poll directly to a Slack channel. Include the first question of your survey directly in your message to increase your response rate. Example: How likely are you to recommend [Company] to a friend or colleague?from Not at all likely (0) to Extremely likely (10). 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 Click above on the score you want to give … 2. Post a survey notification to a Slack channel automatically and in real-time when a respondent answers a survey and meets your criteria.  For instance, get a Slack message if a respondent indicates that they are very unsatisfied. The message can include variables and a link to the respondent report. You can win back at-risk customers through coordinated customer follow-up. 3. Post a survey chart to a Slack channel. Share the results of a survey by posting a message including an image of a chart directly into a Slack channel.

Caller Zen (Slackbot)

Caller Zen helps your customer support team handle inbound phone calls and SMS text messages. When your team creates a Caller Zen account, they receive a custom phone number.  This number can be called to, texted to, or incorporated into an existing phone tree. When integrated with Slack through the Add To Slack button, Caller Zen posts inbound calls and texts to your support/ops channel. Caller Zen also allows your team to reply to customers' text messages directly via Slack through a slash command.

Chatlio (Slackbot)

Chatlio is the first and best app to let you talk to your website visitors and users directly from Slack. Setup takes less than 1 minute and provides you with a chat widget to put anywhere you want on your site. Visitors to your site then can instantly chat with you about pre-sales questions, support issues, etc. while you and your team respond directly from Slack without any additional tools to install or use. Chatlio provides the same great experience you already know from Slack. Features include typing indicators, emojis, code block highlighting, requesting screenshots, identifying your visitors location, browser, and any other custom details about your visitors you provide like email, name, etc. and many, many more.

HappyFox Chat (Slackbot)

HappyFox Chat is the next generation free live chat software for websites, that will help you to provide the best customer support and convert more sales. Built on a high performance technology stack, HappyFox Chat offers an amazing user experience and integrates with third party apps that you already use. It's free for up to 10 support agents and installs in less than 2 minutes!  With free Slack integration, you'll be able to accept chat requests on your website, right from Slack and get notifications of all chats going on. Features: Concurrent chats, Canned responses, Chat transfer, Free App integrations, Chat history,  Amazing UI.

Hipmob (Slackbot)

Hipmob provides hosted live chat and in-app support and feedback for mobile applications. Hipmob's Slack integration allows Slack to receive notifications when new chats are initiated in Hipmob with a link to the specific chat so users can monitor a Slack room and respond promptly. Talk to your users; make them happy!

LinkedChat (Slackbot)

Live chat with your website visitors from Slack. A better way to talk with your online customers. Help desk tool based entirely on Slack.No additional software. Unlimited agents.Visitors of your site can instantly chat with you about pre-sales questions, support issues, etc. while you and your team respond directly from Slack without any additional tools to install or use. Just copy and paste small code into your website and you will be able to reply to your visitors directly from Slack.

Live Chat (Slackbot)

Live Chat by Social Intents lets you chat with website visitors right from Slack.   Convert your visitors to customers and sales by engaging them right from your web page.   All conversations happen right in Slack so there’s no need for any additional software or apps to download.  Answer chats from your desktop and mobile phone with ease! Live Chat gives you total control on the colors, text, and questions you ask as visitors enter the chat.  Set up your entire team in about 30 seconds!

Prudio (Slackbot)

Using our chat widget, your customers can talk with you using any device. You can use it to provide support, answer questions or concerns on e-commerce transactions and much more. No need to change your workflow — use Slack's mobile, desktop, and web apps to get started instantly. Interact with your potential customers online using your existing tool and work methods. Copy one line of code to your website and start engaging your customers. Be proactive and increase your customer happiness.

Ramen (Slackbot)

Ramen is a product for web businesses to better understand who is using their product, ask them highly-targeted in-app questions based on user behavior, analyze the results across different user segments, and provide a better and faster way for product teams to get the data they need to build a successful product. The integration allows your team to receive updates in a Slack channel when a user answers a question and when a new user signs up.

Sameroom (Slackbot)

Sameroom provides real-time interoperability between Slack and other chat systems. There are three main ways of using Sameroom: 1. sameroom.io/open-a-tube — Connect channels or private groups to other teams (e.g., on Skype)2. sameroom.io/create-a-portal — Share your Slack channel with another team via URL3. sameroom.io/attend — Use Slack for customer support: respond to tweets, Intercom messages, etc. For more recipes and information, see the Sameroom blog, Frequently Asked Questions, and Limitations.

Slaask (Slackbot)

Slaask is the first customer chat tool that is 100% integrated into Slack. With Slaask, you no longer need to use a separate customer chat tool outside of Slack.Finally, your customer chat tool is fully integrated into Slack. While reducing friction within your company operations, leverage Slack's features for your customers (search engine, fully native apps for iOS and Android...). Slaask is for forward-thinking small and medium size businesses who believe in the all your tools in one place Slack vision. Slaask.Less tabs. Better reactivity. More conversions.

Smooz (Slackbot)

Your clients are on Slack, you're on Slack, why use anything else? Smooz is the simplest way to connect with clients and partners. Whether you're an agency looking to connect with clients, a core team coordinating with a local team, or just for fun, Smooz is here to help you connect in a more convenient way. Smooz lets you create a dedicated channel between two Slack teams. It's incredibly easy to set up: 1) Click Add to Slack to get your personal link. 2) Share it privately with the team(s) you want to invite, or embed a public button in your web page3) They click on Add to Slack. That's it! Smooz will create a dedicated channel in each team, in which you can chat with the other team, as well as send files. Both teams can invite as many users as they want in their channel, rename it, or make it private. Forget about - asking your users to join as single-channel users - asking your client to invite you and your team in their Slack- creating a joint Slack just to discuss a project with a partner. Smooz is the simplest way to connect with clients and partners.

Talkus (Slackbot)

With Talkus, Slack becomes the place for your team to communicate with customers, personally, on your website by live chat or by email, phone or SMS. Talkus is the most powerful help desk entirely based on Slack. Increase visitor conversion, user retention, engagement and create happy customers in a snap. Your users see a beautiful chat window on your website: all their chat messages are piled in your Talkus channel in your own Slack. With simple Slack commands, you can assign them to your team, take screenshots for your users and invite your expert teammates to the discussion, in addition to all the cool Slack features (auto-completion, emojis, etc). Talkus also automatically performs a user satisfaction survey when you close tickets and remembers all you need to know about your customers. You don't need another complicated and expensive app to help your online customers: install, customize the look and display of Talkus and invite teammates in a few seconds, and start making your users happy. For more details, visit http://talkus.io and talk to us!

Yodel (Slackbot)

Our Yodel bot lives in your Slack channels and announces calls. - Answer the calls directly from Slack and talk via the web browser or mobile phone.- Dial out with the /yodel slash command.- Invite others in Slack to the calls.- Share calls via the Yodel link inside and outside of Slack. Finally, you can share not only GIFs but also calls!

MailClark (Slackbot)

MailClark is the email bot of your team. He allows you to both send and receive emails & attachments directly in Slack. Team inboxes & help [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected], reply to inquiries directly from your channels with MailClark's Front mode. Email groupsYour clients won't use Slack? With MailClark's Group mode, invite them as email members: Slack for your team, emails for them, everybody's :) Send emails whenever you needStop switching between Slack and Gmail or Outlook, email your lawyer directly from #legal. His answer will automatically come up in Slack.


Intercom is a fundamentally new way for internet businesses to communicate with customers, personally, at scale. It's a customer communication platform with a suite of integrated products for every team—including sales, marketing, product, and support. Our products enable targeted communication with customers on your website, inside your web and mobile apps, and by email.

Workbot (Slackbot)

Workbot from Workato lets you talk to your apps and take actions on them without leaving Slack. Top features: Get better app notifications. Cut down on app notification spam via intelligent filters and workflows.  E.g: based on the type or a threshold number of trouble tickets Take actions across 100+ apps. Eg: create tickets in github, update account info in Salesforce Get 360 degree view of customers across all your apps Get instant stats and trends across all your apps. Get charts on demand or get them on a schedule.  Eg: funnels from Mixpanel, invoice history from QuickBooks or order history from Salesforce. Workato also lets you easily personalize your Workbot commands or create brand new ones for your business. Supported apps: Docusign, Eventbrite, Expensify, Github, Intacct, Intercom, JIRA, Mailchimp, Marketo, Mixpanel, Pipedrive, QuickBooks, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Stripe, SurveyMonkey, Xero, Zendesk & 100+ more. Join hundreds of Workbot customers getting more our of their apps and Slack. For more information, go to www.workbot.com or contact us at [email protected]

Brand24 (Slackbot)

Get access to online mentions about your brand or product directly from Slack so that you don’t miss anything. Hook up your project to Slack to make teamwork easier and more effective - discuss mentions, make group decisions and assign tasks. We’ve got you covered!

Chatra (Slackbot)

Chatra is a modern live chat platform that can be embedded on your website or web app. Talk to your users and visitors in real time to increase sales, collect feedback and boost customer satisfaction. This integration posts incoming chat notifications, chat transcripts and offline messages to channels in Slack. Incoming chat notifications can be posted in a different channel from transcripts and offline messages.

Delighted (Slackbot)

Delighted is the fastest and easiest way to gather actionable feedback from your customers, and with our Slack integration you can ensure everyone on your team sees feedback from customers as it happens. Your Delighted feedback can be sent to any of your Slack channels.  Set up rules to send feedback about your app to an #engineering channel, or Promoters to a #testimonial channel. You can also turn on a daily summary that will post a summary of your NPS and previous day's activity to a channel of your choice. Features:* Send Delighted feedback into Slack channels in real time. * Send feedback from Promoters, Passives, or Detractors to any channel* Send feedback from any Trend to any channel* Choose from any existing channel or create a new channel* Simple setup process

Enchant (Slackbot)

Enchant is a help desk solution that makes your customer communication process simpler, faster and more personal. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when ticket activity occurs within Enchant.

Groove (Slackbot)

The Groove integration will send notifications of incoming tickets (and a variety of other notification preferences) right into your Slack team's own Groove Channel. You can use these notifications to collaborate with your team in real time about customer questions without even leaving your chat room.

MadKudu (Slackbot)

The MadKudu App is a great way for your sales team to get notified when something important happened or needs to be done. For example, it lets you know when a high potential value customer signed up. Or when a customer became engaged enough that it is a good time to reach out and close.

Promoter (Slackbot)

Promoter.io is a premium SaaS-based NPS (Net Promoter Score) solution that helps companies reduce churn and improve customer growth by identifying and engaging with their biggest promoters and detractors. This integration will post realtime scores and feedback into any of your Slack channels and will also display the customer's profile. Clicking on the entry will directly link you to follow-up within the Promoter.io app. Features: Quick and easy setup Display customer feedback across teams (sales, marketing, customer success, operations, engineering, etc.) Post realtime feedback and scores to any existing or new Slack channel

Reamaze (Slackbot)

If you use Slack, you’re probably accustomed to managing just about everything related to your team’s digital workflow through it. Google documents, git commits, project management, etc. That’s the beauty of an integrated workflow. In case you’ve been looking for another fitting piece to the puzzle, look no further: Reamaze now integrates with Slack to bring customer support to your team’s channels.

SatisMeter (Slackbot)

SatisMeter is a feedback platform that collects NPS and customer feedback directly inside mobile and web apps based on specific usage patterns. With SatisMeter you can reduce churn by proactively solving customer issues, validate product priorities based on your customers' feedback and measure and track satisfaction of your customers. Connect SatisMeter to Slack and see your customer feedback in real-time in your Slack channel.

Twitter (Slackbot)

Twitter is a social network and microblogging service where users post 140-character messages called "tweets" to their followers. This integration will allow you to: * Automatically expand pasted Twitter URLs, displaying the full tweet and attached media * Automatically post tweets to a channel that are sent to/from a Twitter account of your choice

Userlike (Slackbot)

Userlike is a customizable chat platform that can be embedded on your website. Chat live with website visitors to deliver feedback and support instantly. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when a chat is started or an offline message is received.

Zendesk (Slackbot)

Zendesk is web-based software to manage your team's help desk ticketing, issue tracking, and customer service support. This integration allows your team to receive notifications when a help ticket is created, updated to "open" or "pending", solved, and closed.

Help Scout

Help Scout provides your team with a scalable help desk, while keeping the customer experience simple and personalized. Customers won't have to create an account or keep track of their ticket number because to them it works just like email. The customer experience is simple and training staff is painless, but Help Scout still has all the powerful features you need to provide great support at scale. With best in-class-reporting, an integrated knowledge base, 50+ integrations and a robust API, Help Scout lets your team focus on what really matters: your customers.


MindTouch offers cloud software that provides self-service customer experiences that create product experts and improves marketing, sales and support. MindTouch is a leading SaaS solution for customer success/engagement management helping companies create smarter customers to accelerate the sales cycle and drive product adoption. MindTouch transforms the product and help content your company already produces into a customer engagement channel.


Zendesk provides an integrated on-demand helpdesk - customer support portal solution based on the latest Web 2.0 technologies and design philosophies. The product has an elegant, minimalist design implemented in Ruby on Rails and provides seamless integration of the back-end helpdesk SaaS to a company’s online customer-facing web presence, including hosted support email-ticket integration, online forums, RSS and widgets.   This is unusual, because most SaaS helpdesk solutions focus exclusively on the backend helpdesk and treat the Web as an afterthought.  


UsefulFeedback is owned and managed by a team that have made a professional habit out of helping organisations of all types to better manage complaints and feedback. Our business is the coming together of two key areas of expertise - software design and cloud architecture coupled with a deep understanding of complaint management, as both a process and the practice of consumer redress.

Azuqua (Slackbot)

The first time you add a Slack card to a FLO, you will need to set up a configuration for that Channel. Setting up a configuration will allow you to connect Azuqua your Slack account, save the data, and reuse that configuration next time you build a FLO with this card. That way, you don't have to sign in every time you want to build a FLO with this Channel. After you've set up one configuration, you can choose to use that configuration again, or set up a new one. 

Usersnap (Slackbot)

Connect Slack with the bug tracker from Usersnap Get notified inside Slack on every created screenshot & bug report. Bug tracking with Slack made easy. Why connect Slack with Usersnap for bug tracking? Bug tracking, browser testing and issue tracking with the Slack integration from Usersnap was never easier. Point and click issue reporting helps you to get browser screenshots and additional information faster. No endless bug reporting for your users ever again. Learn more about integrating Slack with Usersnap (https://usersnap.com/slack)

Samanage (Slackbot)

The Samanage Slack app enables integrating between Samanage and Slack for receiving Samanage notifications on new incidents and SLA breaches in a specific Slack channel. Samanage delivers 100% SaaS enterprise service desk and IT asset management solutions that instantly offer extensive visibility into every incident and every service request. Visibility into service management is uniquely defined by Samanage through a highly intuitive interface, rich reporting, real-time peer-to-peer benchmarking into performance metrics, and actionable insights gathered from millions of service requests. With this one-of-a-kind approach to visibility of enterprise services, Samanage enables an unprecedented level of confidence to IT service management. Shifting the value equation for how services are delivered to the enterprise, Samanage is leading the next generation of ITSM solutions. Samanage is a paid service. You are welcome to sign up for a free 14 day trial.

Appbot (Slackbot)

Get app reviews for iOS, Mac, Google Play, Windows Phone and Amazon for all countries straight to your Slack channel! You can even reply directly to Google Play reviews with a quick link to Google Play console. We make sense of review data from the major mobile app stores by aggregating and analysing customer sentiment about your apps, and those of your competitors. Developers and Product Managers use Appbot to cut through the noise and surface the reviews that are really important to their downloads and revenue by: easily identifying feature requests, quickly surfacing bugs, and tracking how users are feeling about their apps over time.

Bell Apps App Review Notification (Slackbot)

Send App Store reviews to a specified channel of your Slack team. When reviews are posted to App Store page, send notification to Slack automatically. You can receive reviews of any AppStore App. So, for example, you can check reviews of your competitors.

doctorSIM IMEI Lookup (Slackbot)

Identify any phone based on its IMEI number!Check if it is blacklisted against over 150 network operators from 57 countries!Obtain info regarding the original phone operator! Available commands: /whatphone Get specs on a phone based on its IMEI/MEID /isblacklisted Check whether a phone is blacklisted /isatt Did the phone originally come from AT&T /how Help and list of more commands! Checks are FREE and UNLIMITED for phone spec and AT&T origin check. Checks for blacklisted lookups are limited initially to 10 lookups. If you need additional lookups you can sign up for an account here: https://pro.doctorsim.com/libpanel/alta/?lang=1. You can check pricing and account balance with: /pricing /getbalance Happy Checking!

Doorbell (Slackbot)

Easily gather in-app user feedback, on websites, iOS apps, and Android apps. Doorbell integrates with your favourite project management systems, so you can easily create tasks in them based on user feedback. Integrations include Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Sprint.ly, FogBugz, and several others. Get notified instantly by email or in Slack when new feedback is received, or when replies are sent. Other features include automatic screenshots via the JavaScript SDK, sending and receiving attachments, sentiment analysis of feedback, and more!

Help Scout (Slackbot)

Help Scout is a simple, scalable help desk solution for small businesses to manage customer support. This integration allows your team to receive notifications when a conversation is created, assigned, updated, replied to, and deleted.

LaunchKit (Slackbot)

Automatically finds and posts reviews from the App Store for your app for the entire team to see. Automatically imports and beautifully formats App Store sales reports so you know how many downloads you get every day.

Pulseway (Slackbot)

This application allows your team to receive all Pulseway notifications, so that you can stay on top of what’s happening with your systems.

Smooch (Slackbot)

Speak to your customers directly from Slack Manage your customer relationships entirely in Slack Allow your entire team to completely manage communication with your customers without leaving Slack. Smooch also automatically manages and archives the conversation channels it creates to keep your team’s Slack neat & tidy. Mom would approve. 1. When a user reaches out to you, Smooch will alert a channel you specify to let you know a user needs help. 2. This alert will take you to a channel that’s specific to the user who’s speaking to you. 3. Consult and collaborate with your teammates, then reply with a simple /sk command. Your replies are instantly delivered to the user’s phone and look just like a text message would.

TexTurner (Slackbot)

TexTurner is The Human Translation Bot for Slack. TexTurner removes the bottlenecks that slow down translation jobs. Real native speakers translate your words into context and humanize your job, be it an email, ad copy, strings for an app, or even an investor deck. Whatever it is, you'll have it translated in 3-30 minutes by a Human. You and your team will never be lost in translation again. Note: Clicking the Add-to-Slack button will create a TexTurner account using the email address you've saved in Slack.


Mineful automates customer retention for online businesses. With automated actions based on customers intelligence, we help retailers and mobile apps retain more customers and increase repeat purchases. With Mineful, data integration is easy. Currently we leverage the API of Shopify and Yahoo! and plan to add more soon. Clients also upload data using our well documented API.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service.  Our goal is simple: make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and make it easy for users to get in touch with businesses.


Nicereply was born in summer of 2010 as a spin of from WebSupport, an European hosting company. Our mission is to help companies to provide an outstanding customer service. We believe, that a great customer care have a direct positive effect on improvement of business performance. Whether it’s a startup, e-commerce or international corporation, we’ve helped hundreds of companies of all sizes since our start.


LivePerson (http://www.liveperson.com/) is the market leader in real-time intelligent customer engagement. Our mission is to help companies create deeper connections with their customers, and our investment in real-time analytics, metrics and a world-class hosted platform makes this possible at scale. From the largest global enterprises to one-person businesses, our 8,500 customers trust us to deliver increased sales conversions, higher order values and lower support costs. We are headquartered in New York City. Whatever your business or organization, large or small, LivePerson online engagement solutions have been developed to foster productive interaction with your website visitors, and achieve and exceed your objectives. Whether your goal is to attract and convert visitors, boost average order or add-on business, share information with your constituents, provide state-of-the-art services, lower your costs — or to achieve a combination of these results and more — we stand ready to help.

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is the community platform that helps companies create engaging customer experiences by fostering online conversations about their products and services at every stage of the lifecycle. Get Satisfaction powers 70,000 active customer communities hosting more than 35 million consumers each month. From its inception in 2007, Get Satisfaction has been focused on building an intuitive, easy to use community platform that is designed to bring resolution to consumers; is highly discoverable by search engines and is implemented quickly and easily.

If you think there is an organization I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.